Events Planning

Conference, Seminar, Meeting, Team Building, Trade Show, Business Dinner, VIP Event, Networking Event, Opening Ceremony, Product Launch, Theme Party, Press Conference , Trade Fair Trade, Annual Shareholder Meeting, Award Ceremony, Incentive Event, Board Meeting, Executive Retreat


Streaming and Recording

Nowadays, in order to provide the public with easy-to-understand information, yet complex enough to meet certain professional standards, a form of multi-plan information is required. These plans are called mediums and have the role of supporting synergistic or tautologically the initial intention outlined by the main ideas. The form in which multiple media can be delivered such as audio, video, graphics, text, interactivity, etc. is called multimedia.
Streaming is the technology by which we transmit the information from the transmitter to the receiver and is an alternative to what we know as "ether". From a technical point of view, it is the technology that allows us to transmit digital information to the receiving audience before the data flow is over or better, without the need to encapsulate the information in a container. The main advantage of this technology is the significant reduction in the cost of making LIVE transmissions.

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Rental equipment

We help you organize incredible concerts and mesmerizing shows by providing events rental equipment for scenic mastery (Sound and Amps, Lighting, Video & Logistic).

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Technical Support Team

With Smart PRO Events as part your team, you can leave the elements of technical event production to experienced professionals and rest assured that we have thought of everything. As a progressive event management company, we always keep ourselves up-to-date with new and emerging technologies to keep inspired and get our hands on the latest equipment.

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Our clients

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries and the majority has been with us for many years. We view our clients as partners; the growth of their business is the growth of our own. Thus we treasure long term relationships and aim to build mutual trust and a strong bond with everyone we serve.

Le Chateau

Projection tehnician, laser live shows, projection mapping, sound tehnician, tehnical support, BMS, Smart Buildings Programming

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KNX Romanian Association

Annual Expo-Conference, Live camera from Exposition and LIVE Presentation from expo-desk, Live Stream to Facebook

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Wedding for us is a party!


VIP Parties

Our imagination has no limits!


Multimedia automation

Make your presentaion smart. This is demo for a venue

All is made automated. No human involve, only to start the show!


We made it with smart buildings technology.